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by Paris Street

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5 songs set in 7 bars


released March 10, 2014

Written by Carl Polgar.

Performed by Carl Polgar, with:

Christy Anderson - vocals on 'Anna Was A Richmond Teacher'
Darrin Revell - drums on 'The Heart'

'The Actress' features a sample from the song 'Persinthia Lawdro & John' by Lida Husik, from the album 'Joyride', which I highly recommend.

Recorded from November 2013 to January 2014 in Nashville, a block away from my favorite bar.

Please click on each track for lyrics and additional information.

Cover artwork by Carl Polgar, taken at the Red Door Saloon on the eastside of Nashville.

Album purchase also includes the video for 'Drag' and a collection of photographs taken at bars around the country.

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Paris Street Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Amateurism
Yeah, I’m drunk but it’s alright
It’s just an art crawl drunk so far tonight
But the night’s still young and I am far from done

Stumbling out towards the Broadway scene
The tourist traps and the neon sheen
I can’t tell you why but tonight it just feels right

To disappear in the mass of a crowded bar
The smoke and overpriced drinks
To go somewhere where I can’t hear myself think

Maybe I’ll take some gal here home tonight
Or make the cover band play one of mine
Neither has a chance to actually occur

Yeah, I’m drunk but it’s not too hard
To discern I’m the soberest one here by far
I’m a fraud, I’m a phony, a lightweight amateur

Dissolving into the mass of a crowded bar
The smoke and overpriced drinks
Where - if I’m lucky - I can not hear myself think

And maybe if I stay here long enough I’ll learn
To enjoy it like them
Maybe I can learn to never think again

Yeah, I’m drunk but that’s okay
It’s just an art crawl drunk anyway

Yeah, I’m down but I’ll deal with it
Another bourbon might do the trick

Yeah, I’m drunk but I’m having fun
‘Cause the evening is almost done

Yeah, I know that things could be worse
I know it well; I’m no amateur
Track Name: Anna Is A Richmond Teacher
She said, "I want you to kiss me"
And, of course, I complied
I was happy to oblige
(I'm an obliging guy)
In the corner with an overpriced drink
At a Charlottesville blues bar

The night began as a mystery
In a town new to me
A bar picked randomly
And a simple good deed
Helping a lovely young Spanish teacher
Clean up spilt pinot noir

Sing me your song and I'll sing mine
There might not be another time

As the bar got more crowded
And a mix filled the room
Of the chatter that grew
While the band played their blues
We tried talking through the noise while
Moving closer together

Then mischievously she said,
"If you really want me
Say it in Spanish, please"
I rolled my r's with ease
As the words flowed from my mother tongue
And they clearly impressed her

Sing me your song and I'll sing mine
Careful with that glass of wine
There might not be another time
Track Name: The Heart
Smoke is exhaled and dispersed into the air
Expectations rise and fall throughout the night
I might be drunk but I'm nowhere near as drunk as I would like

Chatter fills the room with a steady constant tone
The jukebox never tires of Dylan, Cash, or Waits
Pretty girls at the end of bars will never take your place

Hey you
With the freckles on your shoulder
And your calm distinctive style
And the subtleties you express with your smile

There are many nights like these where I need to be alone
With a notebook, pen, and a nice strong rum and Coke
Many words tend to disappear as quickly as the smoke

Hey you
But there are some that don't escape me
Regardless of the drinks I've had
And I know without a doubt you understand

It feels right
It feels true
It's incomparable to anything that I felt
Before you

There is 'I'
And there is 'you'
And there can only be one thing that can come
Between the two

Hey you
With a grace that seems so fragile
And a charm that can't be faked
Let my fingers trace the outline of your face

Hey you
You're my source for inspiration
And I'm so glad that you're here
Kiss me on the lips - you know how, don't you dear?
Track Name: Drag
It was when the drag queen slipped that the drugs kicked in
With a quick turn of the head I could feel the rush begin
And I helped her up and she gave her thanks
And I turned my attention back to you and your friends

Then the crush of the crowd and the monotonous beat
Became a little bit too much so we agreed to leave
And we made out in the car before finding the next place
Caught up with your friends, parked, and made out again

I was aimless - per the norm - with no reason and no rhyme
Stopping at a random bar just to kill some time
And when we saw each other we were pleasantly surprised
And I could tell what you had taken just by looking at your eyes

And you generously offered and I generously took
And your friends mentioned a drag show and we said that sounded good
So we paid our tabs and I offered you a ride
The aimlessless was gone - the reason found the rhyme

In the darkest corner of a club your friends picked on a whim
A billiard / dancehall combo where none of us had ever been
We were inseparably connected as soon as we got inside
Resuming our affections without bothering to hide

The hand on the erection, the hand going up the dress
Whether at the corner table or on the dance floor by your friends
Where we danced to some hip-hop, we danced to R&B
We danced through all the DJ's prattle that was said between

We were smart enough to know that the comedown would come soon
The house lights would be turned on and reality’d resume
The rhyme and the reason would go on their separate ways
A headache and some teeth-gnashing’d be all that would remain

But there was still time for one more dance, still time for another drink
Still time to act on impulses we’d usually restrict
Before dealing with the wreckage of the night that we just had
Knowing that going back to normal would be a major drag
Track Name: The Actress
I miss our shallow conversations
They were always the best kind
Who wants to be so substantive all the time?

I specialize in my ability
To hide behind masks and half-truths
And I'm starting to suspect that you do, too

And I'm okay with that
It's part of the game
I wouldn't have in any other way

'Cause you're an actress, after all
It says so on your business card
I don't mind if you treat this like just another part

But come closer for just a moment
I'll spill my best secret to you
Did you know that I am one hell of an actor, too?

And you're okay with that
You enjoy the show
We are comfortable within our roles

Let's meet up at the old neighborhood
Where we spent all of our best days
And have one last scene before the scene fades