Mons Paris

by Paris Street



5 tales of coping with the agony of existence in the Tampa Bay area.


released April 12, 2017

Written, arranged, and performed by Carl Polgar.
With additional vocals by Leslie Sanders on 'Rabbit'
& Sarah Condon on 'About You'.

Recorded in January and February of 2017 in the cities of Clearwater, Tampa, and Valrico in Florida. Leslie and Sarah's vocals were recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.



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Paris Street Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Rabbit
I was a rabbit
I fucking swear I was a rabbit
There but for the grace of God or cocaine
Feeling like I was floating on the interstate
And I know that doesn’t sound too leporine
But I swear – oh I swear – that it did at the time

I don’t remember the girls
I don’t remember their names
But I remember saying ‘no’ wasn’t part of their game
We were out of our league, struggling to keep up
We were Dale Mabry kids, they were D.C. punks

So drink up . . .

When did we leave the beach? Where did the girls go?
How the hell did I wake up in Orlando?
Lucky to be alive, lucky to have avoided the cops
I must’ve floated past them – it was one hell of a hop
Track Name: About You
I’m not feeling anything
And we both find that quite surprising
Cuz it hasn’t been that long
Since those days on the front porch
When I sang you songs

And you knew
Exactly which ones were about you

We have vodka, we have gin
We’ve a sense that something should be happening
Maybe we should get cozy
Or maybe we should just see
What else is on TV

And I want to wanna, you know?
Want to feel like I felt all those years ago
But I don’t think I wanna, you know?
So I don’t
So it goes
So I don’t
So it goes

And you knew
Exactly which songs were about you
Track Name: Seeing Double
I was seeing double
Soon I wasn’t seeing anything at all
Rushing off the pier and trying not to fall
Trying to make my way to the shore

In a seaside stumble
Affected by the whiskey that I drank too fast
From a soda bottle serving as a makeshift flask
Whose effects were now too much to ignore

Finding myself in a surreal happiness
From my first real act of drunken foolishness
Feeling at ease, free of regret, free of doubt
And then I passed out

At the lifeguard station
Or rather while splayed out beside its front steps
Useless to the world and useless to my friends
Staring up at the stars by default

With a resignation
That a stomach full of gummy worms and Tullamore Dew
Would guarantee that after any sudden move
There’d be nothing in my stomach at all
Track Name: Dale Mabry Kids
From Lutz to MacDill
From Gandy to Bearss
So much time to kill
With so little cares
Bookstore to bookstore
Village Inn to Village Inn
Trying to look cocksure
Trying to be different
Cruising past the strip club strip
Trying to be more than Dale Mabry kids

Dreaming of the usual
The poetic and musical
The cinema and novelettes
The sex and drugs and sex again
Mimicking the overmimicked
Claiming depth within their gimmicks
Done before but who could blame us?
Done before but still creative
Taking the steps that we needed
To become more than Dale Mabry kids