Canada 3

by Paris Street



Resuming a project begun in 2011, this is the third, 2-song EP inspired by my various travels around Canada. This EP covers a morning in Regina, Saskatchewan, and a plane with engine failure over Manitoba. Enjoy.

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released May 30, 2017

Written and performed by Carl Polgar.
Additional vocals on YQR by Christy Anderson.
Additional percussion on YQR by Darrin Revell.

YQR was written at Atlantis Coffee in Regina, Saskatchewan.
The Gimli Glider was written ages ago when I was going through the history of my then-employer, Air Canada.

Recorded in various hotel rooms in Florida, New York, Ohio, Tennessee and South Carolina from January to May 2017.

Cover photograph taken in downtown Regina in July 2016, possibly while drunk, and definitely after losing money at the nearby casino.



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Track Name: Y.Q.R.
Part One:

The barista says, “Every animal accepts death”
Before calling out someone’s finished order
I’m too tired to try to question it
Or to take this observation any further

Sitting cross-legged in the coffeeshop’s corner
Watching farmer’s market traffic
A default view of a Regina summer
Not a bad way to have it

Now if the casino could ever go my way
If my baby could be here
Maybe I could be convinced to stay
If the winter were never to appear

In the afterward of broken sleep
And clumsy texts to try to calm her down
Work can wait – defer the screens
Until all the weekend has run out

Greens burst out from plastic bags
To sustain or rot in kitchens
The humor of the name has passed
My malaise is finally slipping

Now if the casino could ever go my way
If her eyes had met mine when I awoke
Maybe I could be convinced to stay
With love and a good winter coat

Part Two:

Accept death and then move on
Like the idea of an animal
Envisioned at a coffeeshop
By someone’s somewhat basic thought

But basic and banal can spring
Ideas worth pondering
Siphoned, sculpted, tossed about
Until the truth comes out

Until the meaning becomes clear
To ponder, accept, or to fear
To sculpt again, to reshape
To form new truths or clear the slate

And start again, lay in wait
And overhear another phrase
Analyze a passing thought
At a Regina coffeeshop
Track Name: The Gimli Glider
Everything is up in the air
And we’ve no idea how to get
From way up here to there

So many questions, so much doubt
So little time that’s left
To sort the whole thing out

When the engine fails and the fuel gauge breaks
The only thing we can do
Is steer and pray

A freefall off the mortal coil
Getting closer to the flat
Manitoba soil

And you fear the worst
And I fear the worst
And there’s nowhere else to go
But down

If we work together, then we just might
Find a way to get
Through all this alright

A fragile mix of luck and skill
The landing’s going to be rough
But we can make it still